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Search and content: Your secret weapon for customer acquisition

In this ebook, experts from Constructor, Grid Dynamics, and Contentstack explore how MACH-integrated product search and content significantly enhance user experience and fortify your brand identity. More than just cosmetic improvements, these strategic solutions shape a great product discovery journey and directly contribute to increased revenue, turning casual browsers into loyal customers.



In 2024, about 2.7 billion people are cruising the internet for products and services. That's a massive pool of potential customers eager to discover what businesses have to offer. But did you know that 60% of shoppers are in search of a better product discovery experience? This means that often what customers are looking for isn't front and center, resulting in brands missing out on numerous business opportunities.

As customers browse through an online store in search of the perfect product to meet their unique needs, their interest extends beyond mere product specifications on the product details page. What truly captivates them? Engaging content that tells a story, educates them about the product, and helps them envision how it fits into their life.

  • Enrich the product awareness journey using searchable content.
  • Match solution-aware customers with products they want and will buy.
  • Integrate search with rich, omnichannel content experiences.
  • Break down content and product search silos with unified search.
  • Drive revenue-lifts to leapfrog customer engagement.
+13% Search Conversion
A13M Revenue
+5% Revenue per Visit
+9% Search Revenue
40M Revenue

Recognized in the retail tech industry for ease of integration and commitment to driving ecommerce metrics

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How search and content can be your secret weapon for customer acquisition

Explore how expertly integrated search and content can ensure a more successful product awareness journey.