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Beyond the Hype: MACH-Enabled AI for Product Discovery and Merchandising

Uncover real AI success stories, decode black-box vs. glass-box AI, and learn how to measure AI's impact on your business.



In the near future, there will be two kinds of companies: those who use AI effectively and those who fall behind. Amid the AI hype, distinguishing between gimmicks and genuinely beneficial investments is challenging. And more importantly, how do you know what will actually help your business? 

  • Become more pragmatic about how you leverage AI
  • Understand the power of clickstream-based product discovery
  • Know the questions to ask when evaluating a product search & discovery tool
  • Discover what real AI can help you achieve, and how to measure success

Level up with Constructor

Bring together sitewide ecommerce search and product discovery, merchant solutions, and enterprise-ready delivery — all in one Al-powered, KPI-obsessed platform built for the results that matter to you.
+13% Search Conversion
A13M Revenue
+5% Revenue per Visit
+9% Search Revenue
40M Revenue

Transform your product discovery and merchandising

Watch our masterclass to discover real AI success stories and start measuring AI's impact on your business today.

Eli Headshot

Eli Finkelshteyn

Co-Founder and CEO, Constructor

Eli spent over a decade working in data science and computational linguistics, in both academia and industry. He’s consulted on data science for some of the world’s biggest retailers, worked at Shutterstock and Tumblr as early stage start-ups, and has been quoted for his views on technology and retail in The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Forbes, and more.


Michael Scholz

VP of Product and Customer Marketing, commercetools

Michael has two decades of experience in retail and software –– including leadership positions at SAP, Hybris and Sift. Michael oversees software development, presales, consulting, marketing and strategic alliances across the EMEA, APAC & Americas regions. He earned two BAs in International Business and IT, a MA of Design, and an MBA at universities in Germany, the UK, Australia & Hong Kong.