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Leverage AI-Enhanced Merchandising and Personalization for Ecommerce Success


Unlock the future of ecommerce with AI-driven personalization


The current digital merchandising landscape is significantly different from what it was just a decade ago. General site search has evolved through innovation and can now deliver customer-centric and personalized shopping experiences - made possible at scale by AI.

Watch now as guest speaker and VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester, Brendan Witcher, and Valery Bezrukova, VP of Product at Constructor, share their perspectives on these changes and what they mean for B2C enterprise retailers moving forward.  

  • How consumers' expectations for online shopping experiences have changed, and why those shifts have made personalized search an imperative for today's retailers.
  • How ecommerce teams can reduce risk, save time, and efficiently harness the power of AI to create individualized relevance and value for the online consumer.
  • Real-life examples of next-gen online experiences that merchant and ecommerce teams should be delivering to stay ahead of competitors.

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Leverage AI-Enhanced Merchandising and Personalization for Ecommerce Success

Discover how merchandisers can leverage AI-driven technology to reduce manual work and curate immersive, personalized online experiences that convert.