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Frictionless Customer Experience Guide

By Constructor & commercetools


What You Will Learn

This guide for B2B leaders looks at the most crucial interaction between a company and its customers: the buying experience. Discover how to create a frictionless buying experience that drives brand reputation, digital revenue, customer loyalty, and share of wallet expansion. 

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Improve your product discovery experience

Help buyers find the right products and services quickly and error-free.

Streamline operations

Let AI automate tasks so your team can improve operational efficiency.

Increase revenue from online channels

Meet the rising expectations of digitally savvy buyers with B2B-specific features like customizable pricing, buyer approval flows, and omnichannel selling.

Optimize purchasing with generative AI

Offer faster and more customized shopping experiences. 

Holistic ecommerce search and product discovery. Obsessed with tangible results.

Constructor serves billions of queries every day, generating metrics essential to our customers’ success.

+13% Search Conversion
+8% Revenue per Visit
$40M Revenue
+A$13M Revenue
+5% Revenue per Visit

Recognized in the retail tech industry for ease of integration and commitment to driving ecommerce metrics.


Capture market share with these key insights

Learn how you can increase revenue and gain a competitive advantage by improving your product discovery and digital commerce.