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Forward. Fast. The Future of AI in Product Discovery

Don’t just learn about the evolution of product discovery: Understand its origins and the future it has with generative AI.

Crafted by a team of ecommerce experts, this comprehensive guide navigates the complexities of emerging tech so digital leaders can feel confident in their ecommerce investments. Transcend the AI hype of 2023 and make strategic, future-ready investments in ecommerce technology with our ebook today.



For the past year AI news (from OpenAI, ChatGPT, Transformers, and LLM advancements) have dominated media coverage only to have various B2B SaaS tech vendors respond by releasing new products based on these advancements. But are they actually building something groundbreaking? 

While most retail leaders know AI will be a part of their 2024 strategy, it can be challenging to sift through these flashy marketing headlines and product releases to determine what’s needed  from these AI advancements to benefit their customer experience and ultimately, business KPIs.

In this comprehensive guide, we help you sift through the marketing fluff and dive into the evolution of product search and discovery so you can understand how emerging AI technologies impact the ecommerce landscape and — ultimately — how they can have an undeniable impact on your company’s bottom line. 

  • Understand the evolution of search technologies.
  • See the true impact of emerging tech in ecommerce, such as transformers (Chat GP"T")) and LLMs (Large Language Models).
  • Learn the significance of clickstream data in driving personalization and user-focused discovery.
  • Gain insights about the future of online shopping from Constructor's CEO, Eli Finkelshteyn.
  • Receive recommendations for strategic tech adoption and user-centric approaches.

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Forward. Fast. The Future of AI in Product Discovery

Go beyond the AI hype and stay ahead of emerging ecommerce technologies.