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The Ultimate Guide to Searchandising with Constructor

In this comprehensive guide, learn exactly how our Search and Browse Capabilities, Merchant Intelligence, and Native Commerce Core empower merchandisers and product managers to consistently create personalized shopping experiences that don't just convert, but drive business KPIs.


Ecommerce Teams and Native AI: Better Together

Our research has shown that nearly half of all ecommerce merchandisers work more than their regular hours: juggling manual product management tasks while reviewing user data to ensure that shoppers find desired products (and your company increases revenue).

Constructor’s AI-native tools alleviate headaches and errors caused by repetition of manual tasks by leveraging machine learning and behavioral data to dynamically personalize product rankings on a user-level and optimized against business KPIs.

The Ultimate Guide to Searchandising details how Constructor frees ecommerce teams so they can focus on what they do best: strategizing new and creative ways to rank and display products while hitting critical ecommerce benchmarks.

  • Discover key site search and browse capabilities.
  • Learn how clickstream data, transformers, and LLMs improve search results.
  • Find out how Merchant Intelligence guides the A/B testing experience.
  • See how you can benefit from a holistic product discovery solution.
  • Learn how Constructor's AI-native tools decrease manual labor by using AI.

Holistic ecommerce search and product discovery. Obsessed with tangible results.

Constructor serves billions of queries every day, generating metrics essential to our customers’ success.

+13% Search Conversion
A13M Revenue
+5% Revenue per Visit
+9% Search Revenue
40M Revenue
+8% Revenue per Visit

Recognized in the retail tech industry for ease of integration and commitment to driving ecommerce metrics.

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Product Discovery As It Should Be: Built for Ecommerce. Powered by AI

With every action customers take on your website, they’re telling you what they want. Constructor actually listens and continually learns from every single customer interaction.